Handshake Hire of Development OfficerI didn’t want to tell this leader he made a bad choice. But the evidence was clear, this advancement officer was terrible! He had an arrogance that was like bad breath, everyone noticed it but him. His social graces were clumsy at best. He always said he was busy, but we never saw him with donors. His smile was meant to say welcome, but his aura was more of “see you later, Jack.”

Hiring a development officer can be intimidating. Sometimes frustrating. So, what qualities do make successful advancement officers?

  1. A Remarkable Attitude

    It’s those people you want to be around because they make you feel good about life. Usually these people believe in themselves, so it’s reflected in the daily successes they achieve.

  2. Communicator of Stewardship

    This person knows what Godly stewardship means. And they also know how to communicate this to supporters in a way that enables them to see their role in giving. In fact, this person is a great communicator.

  3. Creative Minded

    This person thinks creatively in how to serve the supporters. He knows how to think quick, make decisions and deal with challenging situations as they happen.

  4. Self-Motivated

    These self-starter people know how to work independently. You do not have to tell her what to do. She already has the passion and motivation.

  5. Eagle-eyed

    These focused individuals achieve their goals through intentional planning and implementation.

  6. A Need for Personal Fulfillment

    These people look for jobs and positions that have a deeper meaning than “selling something”. There is a true passion for the organization and people they serve.

  7. Teachable Spirit

    When a person wants to learn and grow more, no matter their past experiences or education—the sky is the limit for him.

  8. Loves People

    When you love people, you love to serve people. This is a quality that has to exist in anyone serving donors.

Note that I did not mention possessing development or advancement skills. These can be taught. The qualities cannot be taught. If you find someone with all of these, you found yourself a great advancement officer.

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