Bully with Crossed ArmsHave you’ve been bullied? No, not the bullies on the playground. I am talking about workplace bullies. Those employees that may not kick and scream out loud, but still push and manipulate you to get their way. That, my friend, is a bully.

Have you ever tried to talk to a workplace bully? It is nearly impossible to have any intelligent conversation. He yells and curses like a sailor. Or she constantly defers to other subjects so not to put the spotlight on her. Or he tattles so you don’t see his issues. Or she cries, and cries, and cries some more to deflect from correction. That, my friend, is a bully.

Have you ever tried to fire a bully? Oh man, the threats they throw at you. ‘I’m going to sue!” is a common threat. The adult temper tantrums of working just enough, feeding rumors and lies, folded arms and disgusted stares during meetings. That, my friend, is a bully.

4 Tips to Hiring The Right Person

Tired of being bullied? It first starts with hiring the right person. Stop and look at your hiring process.

  1. Don’t hire based solely on talent.

    Are you able to weed out the bullies? Bullies can be very talented, but their attitude is like poison to an organization.

  2. Don’t hire out of desperate need.

    Look for the right person with the right heart attitude?

  3. Take time to ask the right questions.

    Do you use a blanket template of HR questions? Figure out what are the most important qualities you want in this hire and ask questions to see if the person meets them.

  4. Train and coach the person after the hire.

    A person poorly coached can develop a bully mentality and get away with it.

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