Suit, Smiling, Executive Director, DonorsI know an Executive Director, let’s call him Jim. As an Executive Director, Jim was a great mix between a Pastor and a Corporate suit. He had such a down to earth vibe—everybody just wants to sit and chat with him. His love for the lost and hurting was evident in how he spent his time at the organization. This Executive Director was the real deal, loving all those he served.

But, he recognized he needed coaching.

Yes, he had great skills. And yes, he was leading the organization well. But, he struggled with how to work well with his major donors. He was very willing to thank his donors, which he did often. But he just didn’t understand the best way to develop, build, and construct a major donor program.

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Success with Donor Relationships

Then, he teamed up with an Advocace coach. Jim learned about the Biblical foundations of stewardship. He also worked with our team to build a strategy he was comfortable implementing. Jim’s Advocace coach helped him:

  • refine his skill set
  • implement a weekly plan
  • identify barriers hindering his success
  • create an actionable development plan

With these in place he could experience the incredible joy in serving donors who God has placed in his life. He saw his donor relationships deepen and the ministry’s gifts increase. Let us help you get to the next level, like we helped Jim. We will walk alongside you, guide you, and together bring solutions that work to grow your ministry.

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