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This Is Why Google’s Free “Donate” Button Is a Bad Idea

Here’s the often-overlooked concerns on the free donate button Google offers. For donors, it’s a simple few clicks and poof they’ve donated to a cause they want to support...

[VIDEO] How do I show appreciation to my donors?

Have you ever received a thank you note that left you feeling unappreciated?..Here's a few easy note writing tips that will make your donor feel appreciated and loved by you in just three simple paragraphs.

Can Your Donors Spare Change Do the Heavy Lifting?

This year, Mississippi Public Broadcasting broke out of the mold and incorporated “Change” by Softgiving...What made this new model so interesting is in the first day, MPB raised $25,000 in pledges. 

How to Increase Your Direct Mail Response

It seems a pretty substantial amount of the US population has wanderlust. You know, the desire to get up and move. Yes, literally move—as in “pack up the moving van, ‘cause we’re out of here” type of move.

Why Should You Use DonorCompass for Wealth Screening?

Fundraising is hard work. Ask any Development Officer or Executive Director. But, there are tools that make it easier. One such tool is wealth screening.

The End of the Year is Here. Now What?

By this point in the calendar year, most non-profits are geared up with a flurry of fund-raising activities. Everything from Giving Tuesday, galas, silent auctions and fourth quarter letters make up the mix. Once the crystal ball drops in Time Square and the last trailing notes of Auld Lang Syne are sung, what’s a non-profit to do?

Is Giving Tuesday Worth the Bother?

Giving Tuesday raised over $168 million last year for over 20,000 non-profits. Not every participating non-profit garnered a huge amount of donations, but there’s more to be had than just dollars on Giving Tuesday. 

Want to Increase Your Fourth Quarter Donations?

The fourth quarter, the months of October, November and December, are quickly approaching. What can you do for your non-profit that engages donors in the upcoming season of giving?

Who Thinks a Gift of $20 Is Substantial?

It turns out that we associate money’s current value to what it was worth when we were young adults.

When my folks were young adults, $20 was a lot of dough.

Your Donors Are More Than Just a Name on a List - Paula Martin

Knowing if, and when, you should ask for a gift from a donor can be tricky business. Let me share with you one personal experience.

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