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One Way You Can Avoid the Summer Slump

The hot long days of summer are here. Have your donations taken a nose-dive into a steamy bed of desert sand? There is one “doable” course of action which can help prevent your non-profit from taking a swan-dive into the summer slump season. You won’t be able to “fix” your empty treasure chest instantly. But remember, it’s the long, slow way of the turtle that eventually wins the race. I’m talking about setting up a monthly giving program. It’s n ...

Want to know why storytelling motivates donors to action?

Good storytelling motivates people to action. Facts, figures, graphs and charts showing the good you do may seem logical, but just doesn’t work. Why Storytelling Motivates People to Action Dr. Paul Zak of Claremont Graduate University studies how people are moved to action through storytelling. His research shows oxytocin (a chemical released by our brain), motivates us to cooperate with other people. It also enhances our sense of empathy, so we can experience other people’s emot ...

3 Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Direct Mail

I get them in the mail monthly. You probably do, too. Direct mail pieces that do not “endear” the nonprofit to the reader. Here are the 3 mistakes that are hurting your direct mail: Using “Dear Friend”. Wow, this organization doesn’t even know who I am! Why would I want to give them my hard-earned cash if they cannot figure out who I am? Many times, the database needs to be cleaned up. I know it can take countless hours of work and expense to get ...

How to Use the 2019 Calendar to Your Advantage

It’s done. Thanksgiving is a distant memory. Christmas wrapping paper and bows have been put away. The New Year quietly came and went. Your new calendar is a blank slate—and that could be a very good thing! The New Year brings new opportunities for making a good impression on your donors. Now is the time to break out that fresh new calendar and start marking it up! Here’s some quick suggestions on how to put very important and timely donor communications on your calendar. Mar ...

2 Easy Ways to Say Thank You on Your Donor's Receipt

Thanking donors is an important integral part of good donor development. But, if you’re a small non-profit shop, it may be hard to find ways to personalize receipt statements and turn them into warm thanks. This can be especially true if you have an antiquated database system or no database system at all! There are a few simple ways around this problem. Let me give you two easy to implement ideas. Write handwritten notes. You can write these notes on the actual statements expressing you ...

4 Ways to Make #GivingTuesday a Success for Your Ministry

Don’t leave donor money on the table this Giving Tuesday. Put together a plan to take part to help you do even “more good”!

Please Stop Escorting Donors Out the Back Door!

Do you wonder why donors stop supporting your organization? This Bloomerang graphic is based on research by Dr. Adrian Sargeant (Director for the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth) and The Rockefeller Corporation. It makes a comparison of customer loyalty and donor loyalty. There are several similarities, but also some major differences. For this blog, I want to zero in on donors and what makes them stop supporting a non-profit. There is only one inescapable r ...

This Is Why Google’s Free “Donate” Button Is a Bad Idea

Here’s the often-overlooked concerns on the free donate button Google offers. For donors, it’s a simple few clicks and poof they’ve donated to a cause they want to support...

[VIDEO] How do I show appreciation to my donors?

Have you ever received a thank you note that left you feeling unappreciated?..Here's a few easy note writing tips that will make your donor feel appreciated and loved by you in just three simple paragraphs.

Can Your Donors Spare Change Do the Heavy Lifting?

This year, Mississippi Public Broadcasting broke out of the mold and incorporated “Change” by Softgiving...What made this new model so interesting is in the first day, MPB raised $25,000 in pledges. 

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