I’ve been reading all kinds of information about fourth quarter giving. Blackbaud reported in their 2016 Charitable Giving Report that December remains the largest giving month of the year. The fourth quarter, the months of October, November and December, are quickly approaching. What can you do for your non-profit to engage donors in the upcoming season of giving?

  • Make an Ask

    Your donors (and potential donors) cannot read your mind. Reach out to them via direct mail, email and phone calls. Remind them of your need and then ask for their help. Perhaps you’ve added a new program that they are unaware of, or, you’ve expanded a program. Tell them about it.

  • Tell How Their Gift Will Be Used

    People are suspicious these days. They want to make sure their money is going to do something helpful or useful. Tell donors how their generosity will be used to feed the hungry, heal the sick or put shoes on the feet of children.

  • Use Matching Gifts

    Remind people that many employers give matching gifts for their donation. Or, you may have a major donor that will “match” gifts up to a certain level of giving. Utilize those funds. Make sure you put a time frame on when the matching funds are available to add urgency to the match.

  • Check Your Website

    Is it easy to give through your website? Is the “donate now” button in an obvious place on the landing page? Nothing will disparage a donor like having to hunt for the donate button or answering a million questions in order to give.

  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

    The Blackbaud 2016 Charitable Giving Report noted that online giving increased in both November and December of 2016. According to PEW Research (“10 Facts about Smartphones as the iPhone turns 10”), about three-quarters of U.S. adults own a smartphone. Smartphone are used for more than just phone calls and checking social media. Enough said.

  • Seize Holiday Opportunity

    Make sure that you seize the opportunities that holidays give. Send out reminder emails on Giving Tuesday. Send direct mail and emails to remind donors that December 31st in the last day to get a charitable giving tax credit for the year. Many folks have more days off during the Christmas/New Year holidays. They have the time to take stock and make the donation that they’ve been meaning to give!

  • Thank Your Donors

    Send a thank you for your donor’s generosity. If your donor management system can immediately send a thank you, use it. Test it first to see what type of response your donor will be receiving. If it’s not warm and fuzzy, follow up with a second response that will possibly inspire a second gift.

  • Here’s to a great fourth quarter for your non-profit!

    Thanks for all that you do, day in and day out, to further God’s kingdom now.

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