spare change, money, bills, amountI recently read about how an NPR affiliate in Mississippi changed gears in their fundraising.

We are all familiar with the customary on-air radiothon that non-profit radio stations use for fund raising each year. This year, Mississippi Public Broadcasting broke out of the mold and incorporated “Change” by Softgiving

Softgiving’s technology allows donors to go directly to a non-profit’s website and link their debit or credit card to the non-profit. Once the card is linked, purchases made on the card are then rounded up to the nearest dollar. The extra change is then secured as a charitable donation to the non-profit.

What made this new model so interesting is in the first day, MPB raised $25,000 in pledges. And, according to Softgiving’s website, the average “Change” a donor contributes annually is $360. Basically, the equivalent to many radio station’s dollar-a-day asks.

Allow me at this point to take you down a rabbit trail. I started thinking about how much holidays are a part of every family’s norm. I also realized there are three holidays in the fourth quarter. Halloween is now the fifth leading holiday in terms of consumer spending. In November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown exponentially in dollars spent. And, of course, Christmas is still the grand-daddy of all holiday spending. Could it be an indicator that fourth quarter donations would go up due to purchases made with credit/debit cards on the Softgiving system? It’s worth pondering.

You can read the MPB press release here >>

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