2 Easy Ways to Say Thank You on Your Donor's ReceiptThanking donors is an important integral part of good donor development. But, if you’re a small non-profit shop, it may be hard to find ways to personalize receipt statements and turn them into warm thanks.

This can be especially true if you have an antiquated database system or no database system at all!

There are a few simple ways around this problem. Let me give you two easy to implement ideas.

  • Write handwritten notes. You can write these notes on the actual statements expressing your thanks. They don’t have to be long. A simple sentence conveying appreciation works just fine. Are there too many statements for just one person to tackle? Take them to the board meeting and enlist their help in personalizing the receipts with a kind note of thanks.
  • Use Sticky Notes. You could have a volunteer (with good penmanship) write a personal one line note on an entire sticky note cube. Before the receipts are mailed, someone can simply place a note on each statement before it’s folded and stuffed in the envelope. (For more ideas like these, download our eBook: How to Communicate Effectively with Your Donors >> )
  • There you have it. Two simple ideas to help warm up receipt statements to your donors.

    If you’d like to know if you’re utilizing the best practices in donor communications (which includes thanking your donors), we’d love to talk to you. Just schedule your free coaching call >>