How to Use the 2019 Calendar to Your AdvantageIt’s done. Thanksgiving is a distant memory. Christmas wrapping paper and bows have been put away. The New Year quietly came and went. Your new calendar is a blank slate—and that could be a very good thing!

The New Year brings new opportunities for making a good impression on your donors. Now is the time to break out that fresh new calendar and start marking it up! Here’s some quick suggestions on how to put very important and timely donor communications on your calendar.

Mark Your 2019 Calendar

Use different colored pens/pencils (or electronic highlighters if you’re not into pen and paper) to mark important dates on your 2019 calendar.

  1. Ask Donors

    Use one color for scheduling your “ask” dates. This could be anything from asking for monthly donations to asking for special events that you know will be happening in the upcoming calendar year.

  2. Thank Donors

    Use a different color to write down your “thank you” you need to send to your donors. Of course, the best practice is to thank them for every gift they give.

  3. Report to Donors

    Finally, use a different color to mark when you will report back to your donors on the good that their gift is doing. Donors like knowing that they are making a difference with the gifts they generously give to your organization.

This is a simple guide on how to plan out your donor communications for the coming year. There are many other avenues to grow your communications plan and grow your relationships with your donors.

For more ideas on how to connect with your donors in 2019, download How to Effectively Communicate with Your Donors >>